Shadowside by a-ha: Not sure how I feel about this

12 10 2009

mortenmags2009My love for a-ha has transcended  many years and music trends, and as a rule,  I always love them. Their new album, Foot of the Mountain is no exception. We’ve said it here and on the podcast before, its a great album that salutes the old electro sound that made them big while tipping a hat to the bands that took their sound and made millions (Coldplay, Keane, etc). But I’m not sure how I feel about choosing Shadowside as the new single.

There are so many better songs on the CD that are catchy, upbeat, and memorable. In fact, this may be the weakest song on an otherwise pristine CD. It’s just so dull and formulaic and the new video with them basically performing in wet warehouse doesn’t help a bit.  I’m wondering if part of the problem is Pal, the guitarist/songwriter/pain in the ass wanting a more “Pal-like” single to be the 2nd one. The first video off the album was much more a-ha piano/keyboardy, but the new one reeks of his schmaltzy guitar ballad crud that brought them down 15 years ago. Hopefully the next single will tap into the great old school a-ha contained on FOTM, one of their best albums in years.




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