Black Swan Song and lazy choreography? Trend 1 of the night

8 10 2009


The new single and album by Athlete, Black Swan Song hit this week, and as usual, the track is pretty great if not super-ground-breaking. Lovely slow number with a steady build and solid vocals. My usual weakness. Now just bring on a remix and you got me. I’m easy.

The video for it is pretty fantastic as well…but….while I was very moved by the story of love, loss, and mortally wounded veterans in WWII (cried a wee bit at the end), something rang familiar.  Where have I seen this much lying down outside straight porn? Oh wait…

(really, 28 million views! that’s a lot of Grey’s fans)

And, oh ya, the best one. The granddaddy if you will of lying-about videos.

Oddly, all them are Brits and generally the same sound. Just saying. Not really analyzing or complaining. I’m good.  Maybe I had too much dancing about last night and are craving a bit of lying down.




One response

9 10 2009

Really like the song. I am a sucker for that kind of melancholy in a singers voice and the Athlete dude has it in spades.

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