The Aluminum Group: A review, a bitch

4 10 2009

So, as we talked about in the podcast, I went to go see The Aluminum Group this Friday who, after a long hiatus, played at Jackhammer with Matt Alber. Now, AG aren’t a loud group. Their strength has always been a quiet subtly of drum machine, soft synths, acoustic guitar and clever, thoughtful lyrics sung in their signature harmonies. Not necessarily the kind of band you’d expect at a smarmy gay bar on the Northside.  But Gary who books the shows loves them, as I do, and thought they’d be good fit with the maudlin Alber. And in theory, he was dead on.

Now, Johnny and Frankie did great. They still sound wonderful and seem to really enjoy playing after a decade and 6 nationally distributed albums. They did allot more of the older favorites like Chocolates and Angel on a Trampoline (although they didn’t do my 2 faves Girl’s Bike or $35, but what can you do), and a good cross section of their last CD trilogy, Happiness. But you wouldn’t know it from the crowd.

I’ve never experienced such rude, immature behavior from what seemed to be mostly 30 and 40 something music lovers. The not only talked over their whole set, but were openly cranky that there was an opening act getting in the way of Matt Alber. It reminded me sadly of the times I’ve seen my friend Eric Himan play live in the sense that a good chunk of the attendees aren’t music fans per se, but just horny 15 year old girls in the bodies of gay men who are hoping the dreamy singer will gaze into their eyes and fall in love with them right there on stage. It’s about one step up from a strip club or a Jonas Bros show.

Ladies, if you’re going to show up to a concert of any size, respect the opening act. If you’d bothered to shut up, you’d have fallen in love with their music like thousands of us have all over the world. And if you truly don’t care, guess what, Jackhammer is HUGE. There’s 3 other rooms you can hang out in. Don’t stand behind me and the rest of us who are there to see AG. Go away, or at least have the courtesy to be quiet. Someday, you’ll be seeing Alber as the opening act while boozy Josh Groban fans cackle behind you. Lets see how you like that.




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4 10 2009

I have experienced the same thing at Sia, Imogen Heap & Moby concerts. Where the mass only wants to hear the songs that are on the OC. Their loss. I’m just here for the music!

6 10 2009

I didn’t think it was that bad! The only other thing I’ll say is that while Matt was our headliner, The Aluminum Group had an opportunity and a responsibility to bring their fans to the show… Where were they?

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