First Wendy & Lisa, now…

28 09 2009

Ingrid Chavez makes the blog. single-cover-fullNot as well known as Wendy and Lisa, but Ingrid has a similar claim to fame as she was the muse/love interest in Prince’s Purple Rain follow-up, Graffiti Bridge.

See the trailer here if you dare

She first made her mark at the uncredited breathy vocalist on his Lovesexyalbum, one of his last great albums. But it wasn’t until 6 years later did Ingrid get cast in the critical and financial disappointment, Graffiti Bridge followed by the release of her only solo album on Paisley Park. Neither fared well or presumably made her much money. That soon would change as she got a nice out of court settlement from Madonna for not being credited for co-writing Justify My Love with Lenny Kravitz. If you listen to her work vs. Justify, it’s very obvious who wrote it.

Her third brush with genius came when she married and collaborated with my personal music god, David Sylvian in the early 90’s. She did co-lead vocals on a few tracks with him and Ryuichi Sakamoto followed by a push for a solo album that never got released. A few of the tracks ended up as b-sides to Sylvian’s recordings of the time.

Since then, she’s parted ways with Sylvian and Prince and has a new solo album finally seeing the light of day after 20 years of relative silence. Her new track is called By the Water and is more vocal and melodic than her past Spoken Word With Music style works. You can really hear the Sylvian influences in the opening horns and minimalist keyboards and Prince in the rhythm and suggestiveness.  She’s smartly tipped her hat to many different aspects of her past,  no doubt making her fans very happy.

Ingrid’s new album, the appropriately titled A Flutter Then Some Words, is due out later this month. Keep an eye on her website or follow her on Twitter and Facebook for more info.

album-flutter-smallClick on the single cover at the top to buy the single on iTunes




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2 10 2009

Loved her first solo album, the one with “Heaven Must Be Near”, will check this one out!

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