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25 09 2009


Battle of the Sexes this week on Dancing About Architecture’s Podcast with me picking girls for my RIYL File (Florence + The Machine vs. Sarah McLachlan) and Steven picking Yes, Giantess vs. Matthew Wilder.

…then culminating in the man vs. woman crapfest that is Rammstein’s P***y. Stinker of the week indeed.

Also mentioned this week were Pink Martini, Phil Oakey + Little Boots’ Symmetry, Vox Box and too many Canadians or bands with bad Google names to mention.




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25 09 2009

OMG. you did a fantastic job on that graphic!! New main graphic I’m thinking!!

26 09 2009
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2 11 2009

Minor correction: Florence + The Machine were nominated for the Mercury Prize, but the winner was “Speech Therapy,” by Speech Debelle.

Out of the nominees, Florence + The Machine, Bat For Lashes and Lisa Hannigan were definitely the biggest standouts. And the biggest surprise for me was La Roux — not something that I would expect to enjoy (kind of 80s retro dance music, sort of a “Yaz meets Gary Numan” thing going on), but I keep going back to it and really do enjoy it.

2 11 2009

Thanks Billy! Always appreciate the feedback. xoxo

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