BBC4 Synth Spectacular Announced!

17 09 2009

From our pals at Remember the 80’s:

moog2GARY NUMANNEIL TENNANTVINCE CLARKEMARTIN GORE, PHIL OAKEY andBERNARD SUMNER will all appear as guests on a forthcoming BBC4 documentary entitled ‘Synth Britannia’ which will set out to trace the beginnings of the synth revolution of the late seventies and early eighties. The show will air on October 16th.

I’m going to pass out. Can’t wait to find this on TV somewhere here.




One response

20 09 2009
Chadly Brown

I may kill myself.
Either we need BBC4 on satellite, or we need to fly to London on Oct 16th.
I may have jizzed a lil when I watched the preview…….

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