Random On My iPod: God in 90’s Alt Rock

16 09 2009
Liam O Maonlai, Hothouse Flowers

Liam O Maonlai, Hothouse Flowers

As Autumn comes and my birthday approaches every year I tend to get more reflective and spiritual. As more of a music guy than a Jesus guy, I still look to the heavens and see bearded men in raising their great hands high but their usually holding a guitar and are from Ireland or Canada, two havens of reflective yet manly singers who get as spiritual about music as me.  Feel the complex arrangements and the uplifting lyrics, one about God, one about Sex. Both tremendous.

So if you’re feeling a chill in the air and need a bit of inspiration, reach out, Hothouse Flowers and The Waterboys will be there.

“Every cry is a song, every song is prayer, every prayer must be heard, fill the air.” -Hothouse Flowers, Isn’t It Amazing

“Put your face in my window, breathe a night full of treasures. The wind is delicious, sweet and wild with the promise of pleasure…Close Your Eyes, Breathe slow, and we will begin to look together for the Pan within” -Waterboys, The Pan Within

bonus video (cuz you know you were feeling it)




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