Live from D.C…it’s Frankmusik and JENNA!

14 09 2009
Frankmusic on Perez Hilton Tour in D.C.

Frankmusic on Perez Hilton Tour in D.C.

I was so excited to learn Frankmusik, the young electropop prodigy from the UK was joining The Perez Hilton tour this year…until I realized he didn’t book for the Chicago date. I’m 40ish and stodgy. So while I’ll travel to Milwaukee (90min) for Kraftwerk, I won’t travel a day for Frankmusik in DC or NYC. That didn’t stop my little athletic sparkplugs Jenna and Tegan from roadtripping to see Frankmusik play with the hit and miss line up of Semi Precious Weapons, Ladyhawke and the apparently sucky Ida Marie.

Her pics and enthusiasm from Friday’s show were so great, I had to make her an unofficial correspondent here today and share her thoughts and cute pics!

frankmus1“Going to D.C. for FRANKMUSIK was worth every penny. He is my new BFF. He was adorable. We ended up having a drink with Frank, talking about art school. He quickly pointed out that he was 13 when I graduated college, I felt old. He gave me a the european double cheek kiss and then tegan and I ended up meeting a group ofgay men and going to some bad gay sports bar. FrankMusik was so great on stage. Semi Precious Weapons were really entertaining, Ida Maria SUCKED SO BAD and LadyHawke was truly great. Good dancing fun. If I haven’t said it…he was adorable and SOOO british…i want to have a cup of tea with him.”

frankandjennaOn why he didn’t do Chicago and on his gays,”DC was his first US show. He didn’t know how he would be received. If you look at his tour dates though he has shows in Europe during this perez thing. He didn’t even bring any merch because I think he didn’t know if people would buy it. I think overall it was just a new thing for him…at least in the states. He said he is well received overseas. The gay men I was with were talking to him about the gay fans and Frank whose, real name is Vincent Frank, mentioned how the gay community has taken a real liking to him and he is so appreciative for all the attention. He was most definitely straight…but adorable.”

Sign up for his mailing list where he tracks his fans. We’ve both been following this boy for a while. And loving every minute of him.




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14 09 2009

UHHH…I am sort of embarrassed of all of my grammatical errors. Please forgive me…I was just sooo damn excited!

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