The Vault: The Family Cat feat. Polly Jean Harvey

12 09 2009

Got a great response to our last Vault posting. Thanks for the kind words. Good to hear people like to be challenged as much as I love challenging.

PJ Harvey not pictured

PJ Harvey not pictured

The Family Cat are an early 90’s brit band that could never catch a break. Long story short, they hand that one obligatory NME buzzworthy track in ’88 that got them noticed, but unlike the hundreds of bands (Keane, Scissor Sisters, etc) who, in the past, have been able to parlay that in a relatively successful career, Family Cat spent 6 years making singles and albums that never clicked like the first one commercially and disbanded in ’94. Midway through their dry run, the enlisted the help of a then unknown Polly Harvey to do backing vocals for them on 2 singles, River of Diamonds and Colour Me Gray. On River you can barely tell its her. Nothing to write home about. But I remember finding the Steamroller EP for a buck in St Louis back in the day and her voice popped out and grabbed me. Not the EP was bad. I still love every song on it and its easily their artistic high point. Think Inspiral Carpets and Stone Roses but harder. But for years I’d wondered who the backing singer was and if she’d done something. pj harveyIt wasn’t until the 00’s when I learned how to use the world wide interweb that I researched and realized the backing singer ended up being Polly Jean Harvey/PJ Harvey who right after this single went on to make her first hit single Sheela na Gig. From there, obviously she’s had a very successful string of albums and has remained artistically relevant. The Family Cat, not so much.




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13 09 2009

Listened to the 9/9 podcast, Marc and loved it even more. Someday, I need to meet Steven -hell, he’s what 3 hours north of me. Anyways, I loved the talk about Kelly and being sort of stuck in a certain period of music.

Of course, thanks to you (and Steven), who know what I like (and I kinda like Arcade Fire, but I know what you mean about them as well), I’m getting to know more stuff.

I enjoyed your talk about John Kamys and Super 8 Cum Shot. Your right about this man, and I love him. Saw him, what almost 2 years ago, when he played a show out here in LA. He remembered me and wondered what the hell I was doing here -I also had on my collectible Super 8 T Shirt.

Anyways, keep up the great and wonderful work Marc and Steven.

Sending love and hugs

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