The Vault: All About Eve’s Phased

11 09 2009

Starting what I hope will be an ongoing posting series, I wanted reach deep into my vault of tricks and share music that is out-of-print. I’m a big believer in teasing you with a tune so you can support the artist but sometimes you just flat out are never gonna see this again on CD or iTunes so there you are. It’s a service.

AAETonight’s choice is from probably one of my top ten favorite bands ever, All About Eve. Lead by former Gene Loves Jezebel bassist Julianne Regan, AAE had a great acoustic pop rock sound somewhere between Kate Bush and early Heart, but often got lumped into Goth since they all had dark hair and she came from GLG and hung out with Sisters of Mercy and Mission UK.

With their self titles debut, they had a good run in the UK with one very big single, Martha’s Harbour. You can tell they’re not American by the way they spell Harbour you know. Anyway, they were on Top of the Pops in 88, had a hit, then hit album, then the 2nd album (Scarlet and Other Stories, which was brilliant) did OK as well, but the singles all dried up. Guitarist Tim Brucheno left to form Tin Star, so for the next 2 albums the amazing Marty Wilson-Piper of The Church joined the band. And it was good. But overlooked at that point. They even had David Gilmour from Pink Floyd on the third album and it still bombed.

phased CD singlePhased, today’s track, was a single and lead off song off their ill fated third album that was in print on their new label MCA for a hot (not quite hot) second before they broke up and MCA dropped them. The album Ultraviolet was probably their most conceptual and fully realized work. Inspired by bands like Curve and My Bloody Valentine, Regan and Wilson Piper took their sound into a trippy, psychedelic realm complete with more Gilmouresqe guitar and Richard Wright style electronics. It distorted and layered her usually pristine vocals with more emphasis on her as an instrument, and less as a twee lyricist.

If you’re loving this song, I highly recommend tracking down the rest of Ultraviolet or their equally good, but more The Church-ish, Touched By Jesus.




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11 09 2009

I’m a big fan of The Vault idea. I’ve listened to the Pilot and first 2 episodes of your podcast. The musical knowledge shared between you boys is out of this world. Thanks for sharing and entertaining. Keep up the good work!

11 09 2009

Thanks Geiger! We really appreciate the kind words. If you ever want mp3’s of any of these, let me now via email.

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