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11 09 2009


OK, so I have my own levels of things that excite me. Meeting President Carter or Martha Stewart, meh. Finding the exact shirt I had in my head and on sale and in my size, mind blowing. So I’m a bit off. So, I’m guessing, no one but Steven and I will be ecstatic about this but this was a goal, and we did it.

We wanted to get enough subscribers this week to get on iTunes list of New and Notable. And lo and behold, today, BAM, there it was. A reality.  I think it’s so exciting because its, for once, something we did creatively and not something where I’m behind the scenes. We’re out there. Its us. And as two folks with no saleable talent, this is cool. So, Steven, let’s bask in it and set some new goals this week. I’m feeling pretty charged up right now!

Infinite thanks for our friends and fellow podcasters who not only subscribed and reviewed on iTunes, but spread the word to other music junkies like us, especially in the gay variety. We love you guys!!

Just in case you still want to hear it: Click here to listen or subscribe




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11 09 2009
Chadly Brown

Love it! I submitted a 5 star review, and subscribed! I am starting the newest one as I start to clean the house……now!

12 09 2009

I’m so happy for you, Marc.

I reviewed and subscribe also.


12 09 2009

you guys are the best! jamie would have loved this, wouldn’t she?

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