4 09 2009

muscNow’s the time for a bit of a pole. And not in that good stripper pole way. I just stumbled upon Black Magic, the first song by MVSCLZ, the alter ego of DJ Ben Aqua. It definitely is a nod to Italian Disco of the late 70’s and early 80’s, but is it good. The video is one of the sloppiest yet brilliant things I’ve ever seen, but if you hold out past the awkward NYC cable access intro, the song kicks in and gets pretty fun. Repetitive, yes. But still, it got stuck in my head. I need to know. Is this pretentious crap or brilliant fun?

a little bonus mp3 i discovered. apparently pretty rare.

MVSCLZ – A Fantasy, A Possibility (Ronnie Coleman & Melvin Anthony bodybuilding remixxx)




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4 09 2009

Trash. Sorry. He needs to head over to gay porn where he will be more appreciated.

4 09 2009

haha amazing. also u can download an mp3 of “Black Magic” here http://www.arawa.fm/2009/09/mago-del-aqua.html

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