I want muscles! part deux

4 09 2009

dianarossWell after that last post got me tepid and bothered, I got in the mood to take it back a few years. Picture it, 1982 and little not-yet-out 12 year old Marc was deep in the throws of his early love for all things Olivia Newton John and Kenny Rogers. Then I heard a new track by one of my mom’s favorites, Diana Ross. Muscles was a sleek, sexy, yet odd track produced and WRITTEN by Ms. Michael Jackson herself. Now I’m not saying he was gay, but can you really see Kid Rock or Toby Keith plopping down at the piano and working out the lyrics, “I want muscles. All, all over his body. (Make him strong enough)(From his head down to his toes). I want muscles!”? Just saying. But you also can’t see a 12 year old Kid Rock plunking down $6 for Diana Ross’ Silk Electric cassette at JR’s Music in Pekin Mall, right?

Enjoy the most homoerotic/not-erotic video since ONJ’s Physical, actually…




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