“I Can’t Help Falling In Love…

3 09 2009

…it goes deeper and deeper the further I go!”

deeper madonnaI got a new remix today of an old chestnut by our Madge. My buddy Rigger aka Otis Brown who does great original music and hot remixes reminded me today of the Madonna we love. The Madonna we discussed in this week’s podcast. That great mid-period Like a Prayer through Ray of Light: after her pop-tart period and before she became the first cougar. Oh how I miss those fun days when you believed she was Stick and Sweet, not dry and bitter. 🙂


Rigger does a crazy thing with Deeper. He takes it into a more Bedtime Stories, menacing, noir thriller/James Bond area. Taking it from a frothy disco nod to dark tale filled with urgency and tension. But it still totally works with the lyrics. It now sounds a bit stalkerish. Great job!


You can download this mix and check out all his material at his SoundClick page.




3 responses

3 09 2009

I’ll admit it! I really love this remix. Nice work.

6 09 2009

Has Steven been converted? Fantastic remix of one of Madonna’s best songs!

8 09 2009

Awesome remix! I listen and can see a car chase scene on the “Deeper” video between Agent Goldtooth on her vintage Mercedes and spies right behind aiming at her balloons : P

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