Top Ten Remixes Ever: Marc’s #2: You Are The One (Dustin Skiles Mix)

30 08 2009

youaretheone300I was thinking as I got up to the upper few of my Ten they would really get epic. Not so. This is an extremely simple remix done by a relatively obscure DJ AND it was never officially released. Apparently Shiny Toy Guns asked Florida DJ Dustin Skiles to do a spec job on remixing this but then ended up not using it. My personal thoughts are that it so improves on the virtually perfect original version that its embarrassing. I love the Shiny Toy Guns first CD, We Are Pilots,  and this is clearly the hottest song on there, but this even surpasses my love for the original. Once again, as with some of the past Top Ten, its a pretty simple mix. He left the vocals the same and really brought up Vince Clarke-like keyboard riff. But going back and listening to the original, he does something unique: brings DOWN the tempo and increases the aggression and urgency of the song, making it less frothy/poppy.  Not the obvious way to mix a song, but completely works. There’s a passion to the song now that wasn’t there in the first place. And testament to the brilliance, I cannot listen to the original anymore. Kinda cements my theory of why it remains unreleased.″

Original version (still pretty hot actually)




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