Top Ten Remixes Ever: Marc’s #4 – I’ll See It Through

26 08 2009

I'll See It Through TexasThere was a real renaissance in remixing and dance earlier in the decade. There was a section of the dance community that reeled back from the throbbing, relentless epics (see my #5) and took a turn toward the chill-out end of things. In my book it all started with the European chill albums put out at the time which lead me into a more laid back French Rivera loungy sound. Kylie’s Light Years was the first one I remember with that lower BPM and jangly guitar sound found on tracks like Please Stay, Love Boat, and Spinning Around. From there i delved into more mid-tempo, sexy songs by the likes of Mooney, Solu, db Boulevard, Sophie Ellis Bextor and Sharam of Deep Dish. But the guy that encapsulated this for me, for a hot second, was Roger Sanchez. His mix of Texas’ I’ll See It Through really feels like you are being made love to on a beach at dusk. Close your eyes. You’ll see.″

Not that it feels like sex. No, you’re laying back and letting someone else do all the work. You know what I mean.

This sound, in my opinion, fell apart with no clear hit to spawn other imitators or a more mainstream artist to pick it up (hello, Madonna??!). Roger Sanchez did a few other things similar then got really dull and unfocused. Kylie never did do a good remix of any of her songs and her regular sound got more Goldfrappy. And all the others are lost somewhere on the French Rivera. Oh to be them.

P.S. I’ll write about Texas another time. Brilliant band, bad choices.




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27 08 2009

Such a good song! Kinda blown away by this choice. I need to step it up! 😉

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