Top Ten Remixes Ever: Marc’s #5 – Fantasy (Def Club Mix)

25 08 2009

mariah carey fantasyNow, you know I love all things EPIC and grandiose so its only a half surprise I’m sure that this made my top 5. The surprise half is that its Mariah Carey, who, with a handful of exceptions, is worthless to me. This was probably the first Mariah track that didn’t make me want throw something, so that was a start. After this, but before the breakdown, in the era of emancipation from Tommy Matolla, she did some decent stuff (Butterfly, Rainbow, and even a couple on Glitter). I felt the same way about Madonna till Like a Prayer hit. Too bad post breakdown is not so great. She’s way to entrenched in Jermaine Dupre who’s given her way to young and  way too urban of a sound (also see Janet Jackson in the past 10 years). But I digress, for once.

This mix is so epic its like 5 songs in one: the tribal, disco, the breakdown, the Tom Tom Club song in the middle, then the Jr Vasquez freak out! Clocking in at 11:16 its simply a journey that wears you out. Unless you’re on something, everyone had to take a bar break after this one.″

And by the way, in the same vein I have to recommend kd lang’s 13 minute long The Valley of the Dolls mixed by Jr. Vasquez. Just as epic but not quite as melodic.




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25 08 2009
Steven Eliot

OMG! Yes. I couldn’t agree more. This was Mariah at her best… at least remixed best. I too am no fan… she is in desperate need of some Career Advice!

17 11 2009

I’m just getting into the back podcasts… love you guys… and if no one has cleared this up… David Morales is the man behind this genius remix. He’s generally been MC’s go to for remixes through the bulk of her “career”. if only more of her stuff lived up to the greatness of this song/remix. oh… and if only she would wear clothes that fit.

4 12 2009

Robbie, you’re totally right. Thanks for the clarification!

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