Top Ten Remixes Ever: Marc’s #6 – It’s Not Right…

24 08 2009

…But It’s OK (Thunderpuss Mix)

OK, so this is a hot little club jam from my, uh, lets say, more youthful endeavors which is getting a bit dusty. I don’t really go back to this style too much anymore as I find it a bit dated and played out. Thunderpuss, Hex Hector and Peter Rauhofer really ruled the roost in the 90’s club scene with their Junior influenced Big Room sound. But they really strove

to make it more palatable to the mainstream Bridge and Tunnel crowd and succeeded in not only having big club hits but selling allot of CD Singles and those hilarious gay boy DJ mix CDs that I lived for in the late nineties.

I just couldn’t get through this series without at least one shout out the boys that made the divas, DIVAS.″

P.S. their longer mixes were usually better than this paired down one, but it’s what I got.

P.S.S. fact: Barry Harris of Thunderpuss was formerly Kon Kan!




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24 08 2009

Ahhh. I can remember the place when I first heard this. And yep, I too was a sucker for so many of these CD Club remixes… and yes, I know exactly what you mean about buying probably one too many of those silly gay boy club remix CDs!

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