Top Ten Remixes Ever: Marc’s #7 – Wide Open Spaces

22 08 2009

help, there's a troll humping my soundboard!

I was unaware of the British alternative band Mansun before I heard this fantastic remix by Paul Oakenfold back when he used to go under the moniker of Perfecto. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with Paul. On the one hand he’s a trolly little egomaniac who always seems about 3 years too late with his mixes. On the other, I find his mixes stand the test of time. I went back and listened to his new Greatest Hits and Remixes, and not a bad one on there. Whereas DJs like Todd Terry and Thunderpuss are basically relics and sound very of the moment.″

The thing that really strikes me about this and other remixes he’s done is that when you go back and listen to the origninal, he actually improved upon the song. One of the marks of a truly good remixer. I take my sharp pointy hat off to you and salute you from above the bridge you live under, Mr Oakenfold. You’ve earned my respect.




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22 08 2009

Your caption for Mr. Oakenfold made me laugh… I never thought it about it much, but yes, he does appear to have some family heritage from underneath a bridge somewhere.

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