Top Ten Remixes Ever: Marc’s #8 – The One That Got Away

21 08 2009

natasha bedingfieldI remember years ago wondering about this Natasha Bedingfield chick and why she felt the need to ride the coattails of her then popular brother Daniel. Brad and I were big fans of his first album and “If You’re Not the One” was actual “our song”. I did give her a chance and found I actually liked her. And she did pretty well. Better in fact than Daniel. His 2nd album was barely released here, and every single she put out immediately did well and/or was dropped into female-centric TV Shows and Movies (also see KT Tunstall).

This track was not officially on either of her CDs, but was a B-side in London and an A-side here, which eventually made it on to an expanded version of her Unwritten album.

The mix is done by Wamdue Project aka Chris Brann who also mixes under the name Ananda Project. I could have made the Top 10 completely Brann mixes. His laid back sexy mixes are always dead on and always enhance a track instead of burying it.″

Natasha is currently making a new album and is live on the Today show later this morning.




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21 08 2009

New to me. This is fantastic! What a great choice…

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