Top Ten Remixes Ever: Marc’s #10 – Sunrise!

19 08 2009

For the next 10 days, Steven and I pull out the big laser guns to reveal our top remixes of all time.

sunrise simply redMy number 10 comes on the night of my friend Jamie’s little sister’s 21st birthday party. Jamie passed suddenly this summer and so this will be a bittersweet landmark for all of us, especially Ali.

Jamie absolutley loved loved loved Sunrise as well as most all Simply Red (Stars was one her favorite albums ever). While the Love to Infinity Mix downplays that key element of sampling Hall and Oates “I Can’t Go For That”, it does take most of the gays to a Fire Island/South Beach place where you’ve been dancing in the ocean breeze all night when light breaks the dawn. The urgent stings breaking through like rays of light. Simply joyous. Almost spiritual. Certainly Jamie.″

Kinda cruddy video if you want to see:




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19 08 2009

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