Forever Like Red, not so forever

19 08 2009

cameron meshell solo

Lead singer, songwriter Cameron Meshell just posted a minute ago, via his Facebook page,  that he has broken-up his band Forever Like Red. “One album is enough”.  Louisiana based Meshell is one of those illusive artist that never gives you much info about himself but lets his art speak for itself and his rabid small fan-base spread the word. Those of us in the know have felt privileged to be fan of a man and his band who’s pop rock tunes are such perfect gems, hidden deep below the ground.

And whether as a solo artist or a band leader, its his vision, sound and skills that have always been consistent. We wish him and the band the best and hope this new route gets him to put out some new material soon. I think with the right motivation and the right management, this very talented man can do better than one full lenghth (yet brilliant) CD in 5 years.

Check out ForeverLikeRed’s only CD here:  ForeverLikeRed

Check out his solo demos here: Cameron

(email me at marcdmoder@yahoo if you want more solo. i have some unreleased gems too)




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