Trashcan Sinatras w/Brookville

11 08 2009
Frank Reader of Trashcan Sinatras

photos courtesy of Colin Davis

Last night I was able to check off my list of bands I missed seeing live in my “youth”. Trashcan Sinatras played Schubas in Chicago last night to a sold out show in support of their new CD, In The Music. To say it was a dream is pretty accurate. To see songs come to life life Obscurity Knocks, Hayfever, and Worked a Miracle as well as recent gems like Weightlifting and Oranges and Apples was just magic. Musically, they sound not only like they haven’t aged, but they sound almost lifted directly off those 90’s masterpieces. I was a bit sad they didn’t 2 of my favorites, Leave Me Alone and Bloodrush but they do have 5 albums with nery a bad song and fans wanted to hear all of them.

The real surprise was the opening act, Brookville, Brookvillewho I was completely unfamiliar with. It was one of those absolutely perfect opening act moments where all the stars aligned: the capacity audience was all there early and attentive, the band was great, sounded similar to TCS (especially the guitar work), and they were pretty attractive as well.  Brookville’s seasoned sound should be partially attributed to the fact that founder/lead singer Andy Chase is the leader of the band Ivy as well, though to be honest, I’m not the biggest Ivy fan. Might be worth a second listen. The only issue I had with them, and my friend Geoff pointed this out as well, is that they did a fantastic cover of The The’s Slow Emotion Replay but failed to mention it was a cover. Now, I know its on your album so its all bought and paid for, but c’mon — credit where credit is due.

Both Brookville and TCS have new CDs in stores this month.″

TSC’s new single:




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11 08 2009

Sounds like a great show… thanks for posting this, Moose! I would love to catch them on tour.

BUT I gotta say, I am a huge fan of The The… and kinda never felt Matt got the recognition he deserved in the first place, so it makes me even more sad that TCS would also not mention who they were covering. 😦

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