New Charo! And Its Bizarre

7 08 2009

I know, I know. Charo’s an icon, a grammy winner, an accomplished flamenco guitarist, and was trained by the legendary Andres Segovia. But she’s still high high camp. I’m really digging this surreal new music video of hers because its a perfect mix of both: intricate guitar work vs. shirtless toredors and dreaming cows. See to believe.

Thanks to Amy and Bay at Grits to Glitz for the inspiration!

And a personal favorite!




3 responses

8 08 2009

Ole! Charo plays a mean guitar, even if the video editor is on acid. Cuchi cuchi!

10 08 2009

The bullfight song is very much like my dream state after a long night of drinking. Just sayin’…

13 08 2009
Continuing on our elevator to hell… « DANCING ABOUT ARCHITECTURE

[…] this doesn’t match the camp of our previous post about Charo (video of the year!), its pretty hideous. On the upside, Richard, who’s got to be about 50, is  looking pretty […]

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