Gary Floyd and Sister Double Happiness

7 08 2009


For some reason it so hard to find up to date info on one of my favorite bands of the 90’s, Sister Double Happiness. Lead singer Gary Floyd, formerly of The Dicks, had the most phenominally powerful blues voice I’d ever heard backed by a band that could blow away The Pixies.

I don’t normally link up other blogs on articles, but Jeff Mitchell did such a great job of summing up their career thus far and bringing out the queer in their music that only I thought was there.  I just love a good old school angry gay punk.




One response

10 08 2009

Shit, Marc. This is freakin’ me out. I LOVED Sister Double Happiness back in the day! “Sweet Talker” was such an awesome track! Alas, like so many other favourites, somewhere between university and real life I got separated from this CD and haven’t replaced it. I’m feeling very nostalgic. Time to do a web search.

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