Yes, I love Samantha Fox. Get over it.

4 08 2009

I never said I was cool. Ever. And not real sure anyone’s thought I was. Hmm. That’s sad. Oh well. Not cool.  For every overly cool track  I own by Casiotone FTPA; Aluminum Group, Magnetic Fields, Karlheinz Stcokhausen, Chris Bell, and Nick Drake, there a Jon Secada, Asia, Taylor Dayne, Sheena Easton, or Enya CD lurking next to it. So it should be no surprise knowing that I adore vintage Samantha Fox. She had a real heyday in my book on her 2nd album simply called Samantha Fox. It was after her debut Stock Aitken Waterman album with Touch Me (I Wanna Feel Your Body) when she got all soulful (as soulful as a mildly talented soft core porn star from the UK could get) and hooked up with Full Force — as in Alice I Want You Just For Me and Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam feat.

Standouts of that collaboration were Naughty Girls Need Love Too and I Wanna Have Some Fun as well as Love House and I Surrender. Pretty much the whole thing was a great summer jam.

<I was totally into guys in low slung danskins and mullets at the time>

After that peak, she never really got back on that horse. She tried more ballads, then more, dancy stuff, but it was over. Never as good. Full Force went on to make millions writing and producing boy bands. Call them, Sam, you big lesbian.

She does have a new collection coming out in the fall. No date of release set. Looks pretty decent. I’ll get it just for the rare remixes. Because I love Samantha Fox. 🙂

Untitled Hits and Remix Collection

1. Touch Me (I Want Your Body)
2. Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me)
3. Hold On Tight
4. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now
5. I Surrender (To The Spirit Of The Night)
6. Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)
7. Love House
8. I Only Wanna Be With You
9. Santa Maria
10. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now (12” Mix)
11. Too Late To Say Goodbye
12. Another Woman (Alternative Mix)
13. Go For The Heart (Original Mix)
14. Forever True
15. You Started Something (12” Mix)
16. I Only Wanna Be With You (12” Mix)
17. Too Late To Say Goodbye (12” Mix)
18. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now (PMG’s Mind Control Mix)

Thanks to Dennis at for the heads up. xoxo




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4 08 2009

THIS just became my favorite on the blog so far. Can I say that, or is that not cool either?

12 08 2009
kensington and chelsea

I knew she was into music.

10 09 2009

Stock Aitken Waterman did not produce any of the “Touch Me” album. “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now” on her 2nd album was her debut with them.

Gee… I do know a lot about Samantha Fox!

10 09 2009

eek Laurent! you’re right! I’d always had that in my head and didn’t bother to look into it. Thanks for reading.

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