More a-ha Nuggets

29 07 2009
Album Cover for UK

Album Cover for UK

You know, I had no idea that 2009 celebrates not only the 25th anniversary of Purple Rain, but also another Moose music landmark, the 25th of a-ha’s first US hit. That milestone combined with their new album getting its UK release this week, there’s been a flurry of activity.

  • This from  A-HA are planning to expand their forthcoming European tour and play a show in Japan before Christmas and then tour play Australia in January followed by concerts in the USA, Canada and South America in March before returning to Europe in May and June to play a number of festivals. I’m guessing this means a US release as well!! Hot on hot hot. Remember the 80’s also has a limited number of signed copies of the album as a contest if you drop them an email today or tomorrow. Nice!
  • For our UK readers as well, my pal Drew informs me that there are remixes of the single Foot of the Mountain on UK iTunes. Perhaps someone will find these for me/us, eh?
  • And finally it looks like there will be a special 25th anniversary edition of Hunting High and Low. Mmmm. Now if only Morten was gay, it’d all be so perfect. Oh well.



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