Let’s talk about Podcasts: Sound Opinions

28 07 2009


So, before the end of my last blog as we knew it, Jamie and I were talking about doing a series on podcasts. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked seemingly in-touch friends if they listened to some of my favorites like The Daily Purge, Gay Pimpin, or Grits to Glitz only to have them basically ask me what a podcast is. It frustrates me that so many talented people can put so much work into a free regular show, that is uncensored, genre specific, and oft times brilliant only to be ignored by 98% of iTunes users. Millions listened to Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh on satellite and traditional radio daily when they could be finding a show that meets there every specific need, is free, and they can listen to whenever they want.  And best, if you subscribe, you ipod does the work for you. It uploads, goes on your ipod and deletes when you’re done. Rant. Done.

I’m gonna start you, music fans, off with a doozy. The kings of music dorks Jim Derogatis and Greg Kot, the two of the most influential  music critics in the US and also two incredibly cool guys. I geeked out once when they sat 10 feet from me at a Coldplay show (even while Gweneth was 1 foot away). Greg and Jim host a show based out of Chicago called Sound Opinions, the only rock n roll talk show (according to them, not me). I got hip to it when Greg joined on WXRT, but now the show’s on NPR. I’m terrible with radio like I am with live TV. So, like TiVo, podcasts are my savior. Now, at my leisure I can listen to these gods of music writing anytime I want. Any show. When I want.

They’ve done some pretty amazing shows lately like their tribute to Townes Van Zant and their In Defence of Disco week. This week, they took on the holy grail, Purple Rain, my all time favorite album. purple rain posterNot just a breakdown of its history and artistic qualities, but they had freaking Wendy and Lisa on the show breaking down their immeasurable contributions to his sound and quite frankly kinda ripping on him. Scandalous. Please take a listen. If you’re a music fan, you will find kindred spirits. If you’re a Prince fan, you may have to change your undies. Its that good.

If you click here, it will go to your iTunes and you’ll be done. Easy.

Let us know what you think. Thinking of making this a regular feature on the blog.




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28 07 2009

Wow. They’ve defended disco, talked with Trent Reznor, as you mentioned disected Purple Rain… and even talked about food and music with Anthony Bourdain. Can Jim and Greg please be added to the list of people I’d love to have dinner with. The conversations would likely stun me.

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